About Content SEO Checker

Content SEO Checker is an online tool that helps you write a Search Engine Optimized Keywords based on our SEO Suggestions, LSI Keyword Suggestion as well as our SEO Scoring system.

You can start by entering the target keyword you want to optimize your content around and proceed.

Once in the SEO Content Editor, press get started to get a list of LSI Keyword Suggestions and SEO Suggestions to be included in your content.

You can start writing or copy pasting your content into the editor and calculate your SEO score.

Your analysis are limited so take care not to analyze too often. Get as much optimization as you can in your content and only analyze when you’re sure you’ve optimized it as much as you can

Once you’re happy with your SEO score, you can export your content in Word document of you can get the source code to be added in your own website.

If you need extra analysis, you can purchase them here.

Content SEO Checker aims to help everyone to create Search Engine Optimized contents and rank higher in a simple way. We don’t require registration or installation and you can use our tool daily for free!

How It Works?


Enter your target keyword


Get a list of LSI keywords to be used in your content


Start writing your content with your target keyword and LSI keyword in mind


Calculate your SEO Score and optimize until you get good score (75+)


Save your content in a Word document or Copy and Paste it into your website